April 15, 2012

Last Post

Dear friends!
I have bad news - my account on mediafire.com was has been locked and all the files might have been removed.

I've always loved ska music, and I want that a lot of people could listen and enjoy it, and that's why I did this blog, but it was illegal, and therefore it was a matter of time.

I'm very sad that it happened, but it is beyond me, and I can't do anything.
It is possible that I will do something in the future (another blog or site), but now I am taking a pause.

thank you for attention.

March 05, 2012

Destination Anywhere [Germany]

Destination Anywhere
German pop punk band with horn section.

2006 - Coffee, Horn & Cigarettes EP
2008 - Sobstuff, Tales & Anthems
2009 - You Wont Bring Me Down EP
2010 - Party, Love And Tragedy


February 25, 2012

Fast Food Orchestra [Czech Republic]

Fast Food Orchestra
Fast Food Orchestra is one of the best czech ska-reggae-rocksteady bands from Prague. Since their genesis 1998 they have crafted a unique style by blending traditional sounds of Jamaican music into contemporary modern music scene (my space)

2000 - Fugison Party
2002 - Last Food
2004 - Mangrooves...Get A Groove
2008 - Urban Menu
2009 - Utsuki
2011 - Wanted for Cooking


February 21, 2012

The Penguins [Spain]

The Penguins
The debut release of young (from 2006), but very good trad.ska/rocksteady band out of the country, which pleases me its vision of ska music.

2010 - Arctic Jamboree EP


February 20, 2012

Voodoo Moon [Germany]

Voodoo Moon
Voodoo Moon formed in 2005 in Berlin and has been in its present formation since the beginning of 2008. Combining traditional jamaican with modern styles of ska-jazz, reggae and rocksteady, these eight musicians have found their own distinctive sound.
In the summer of 2008, the first album was recorded and was released December 19th, 2008: „Get On!“ is an invitation to hop on the Voodoo train! (myspace)

2009 - Get On!
2010 - Moon Base


February 12, 2012

The Usuals [USA]

The Usuals were a mid 90s female-fronted traditional ska band from Florida. Their sound was an attempt at sounding traditional without quite hitting the mark, but still good in its own right. Very poppy, lots of horns, some keyboard, no distorted guitar. Ska-punk fans may want to skip this one, but if you like the Pepper Pots you may see the charm in The Usuals.

1997 - The Usuals
2002 - On the Lovers' Circuit


February 05, 2012

Hypocondriacs [Spain]

Rocksteady / Early Reggae from Madrid, Spain.

2011 - 60's Rocksteady & Reggae


January 27, 2012

The Crack Squad [Canada]

The Crack Squad
Canadian skacore/crack rock steady band from Ghetto Blaster/Charlotte Swallows/Broken Culture crew

2011 - The Crack Squad EP


January 03, 2012

The Oldians [Spain]

The Oldians
The Oldians is the meeting point of two musical paths unambiguously connected. On the one hand, the original sound of the rhythmic sections from the golden era of Jamaican music (the decades of the 60 and 70, when shuffle, ska, rocksteady and reggae reigned). On the other one, the jazz speech plotted from the electric guitar, the keyboards and the saxophone; which allow the band to create a personal and authentic sound. The union of these elements allows the quintet to offer a musical picture filled with a groove that we can qualify as a small and distinguished musical delicatessen. The Oldians highlights for the versatility in the line-up and the repertoire, throwing classics of the jazz, of the popular music from mid 20th century and of Jamaican authors (John Coltrane, George Gershwin, Tommy McCook, Burt Bacharach, Benny Golson, Byron Lee, Edit Piaff, Charlie Parker, Erroll Garner...) (myspace)

2008 - Old Secrets
2010 - Arts Of Seduction
2011 - Wandering Souls